louise stigell

Think your introversion and sensitivity are weaknesses?

I'm here to show you the opposite is true.

My name is Louise, and I am like you: Intensely emotional, wildly creative, and peacefully rebellious. I used to feel fragile, misunderstood and powerless in life. But I grew tired of it. Instead, I decided to stop apologizing and conforming, and start feeling proud and powerful as a highly sensitive. I’m here to help you do the same.

Wanna join me and hundreds of other sensitive rebels taking charge of their lives and owning their sensitivity?

Then this place is for you. Make yourself at home. 

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 Design your dream job - The highly sensitive creative's guide to becoming their own boss 

Are you an introverted, highly sensitive creative, struggling to fit into a conventional job? Are you tired of endlessly searching for your ideal career?

Stop looking. Create it yourself. This guide will show you how.