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Welcome, fellow sensitive

I am like you - Intensively emotional, wildly creative, and peacefully rebellious.

I also often feel fragile, misunderstood, powerless, undervalued and at a disadvantage in life. And I'm tired of defending myself, my sensitive nature, my creative whims and my turbulent emotions.

So a while ago, I decided to stop apologizing and conforming, and start feeling proud and powerful as a highly sensitive. And I’m here to help other sensitive, introverted, passionate creatives do the same.

I believe in feeling deeply and speaking truthfully.
I believe in laughing, crying, swearing and being real.
I dislike authority, rules and herd mentality.
I love freedom, independence and creativity.

Agree with me? Then this place is for you. Make yourself at home. 

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This course is an initiation into the life as a happy, peaceful and powerful highly sensitive. It contains my hard-earned life lessons, as well as tried and true techniques for managing and nurturing your sensitivity in your everyday life. 

During these 7 days you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand yourself and your sensitivity.
  • Build confidence and self-love as a highly sensitive.
  • Make (and keep) great friendships and stay cool in social situations. 
  • Talk to your romantic partner about your sensitivity and communicate your needs in order to have a harmonious relationship.
  • Manage your career and work life as a highly sensitive, with all of the stress, overwhelm, distractions and conflicts that can arise. 
  • Cherish the joys and strengths of being highly sensitive
  • Strategically use self-care rituals and self-care strategies to recharge and regain your power.
  • Re-design your life to become more happy and fulfilled as a sensitive creative.

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Do you dream of a more free, more creative, more fulfilled life where your sensitivity is your greatest asset?

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