16 times when it sucked being a highly sensitive introvert in the workplace

There's a good reason I'm now self-employed and will never ever hold a regular job again. Highly sensitive creatives just don't fit into most workplaces. Believe me, I've tried. 

I've had my fair share of employments. I've worked in a wide variety of places. I have had amazing colleagues and exciting projects. But I've also had a lot of struggle.

Here are 16 times when it sucked being a highly sensitive introvert at work...


When you’re begging to work from home, but are told that “it would undermine the team spirit.”


When your employer implements a free seating policy with no assigned desks. You secretly move into an unused conference room to avoid having to play Musical Chairs every morning when arriving at work.  


When the whole company is going on an all-expenses-paid trip to some exotic location. You contemplate faking a serious illness in order to get to stay home.


When you’re being asked to share your thoughts in a meeting. You mumble and stutter with a crimson face and then sit silent for the remaining time.


When someone hovers over your shoulder while you’re working, and you get paralyzed.

When you’re planning your trips to the coffee machine carefully, to avoid unnecessary small talk.


When you're being sent out to mingle at a networking event, and end up standing in a corner with your business cards like a terrified soldier on a battle field. 


When you say no to after work drinks with colleagues for the fifth time in a row, because all you wanna do on a Friday afternoon is run home, lock yourself inside your apartment and not come out until Monday. 


When you’re asked to make a quick phone call, and put it up for weeks.


When you’re arriving at the office at 6 in the morning in order to get some quiet hours of productive work before the place is filled with noise and interruptions.


When everyone raises their eyebrows at you leaving work at 3PM to get home before rush hour traffic hits. 


When you’re feeling like the invisible outsider in your company, because you’re rarely present at parties or gatherings, and therefor not appearing in any photographs. You’re the shadow employee. 


When you’re the most creative person in your company, yet you can never manage to contribute in “creative brainstorm sessions.” 


When you’re locking yourself inside a storage room to eat your lunch, because you can’t stand the lunch room chaos. 

When you feel like the office diva, always having opinions about chair ergonomics, ambient noise, fluorescent lights and desk placement. Being convinced everybody’s secretly hating you. 


When your boss is a little short in an email to you, and you immediately start preparing for getting fired.