Open letter from your introverted employee

Hi, it’s me. Your introverted employee.

She who seemed like the most outgoing and energetic person ever on the job interview, but now sits quietly in a corner with headphones. 

She who calls in sick every 14 days, but always shows up at the office the day after, looking all well and peachy.

She who never attends the After Works and always sneaks home early from the office parties, but who can be social all day on the team chat channels. 


I want to explain a few things to you...

When you place me in an open office space, next to glass walls, with people walking back and forth behind my back and talking on the phone right next to me…

You are very effectively preventing me from ever being able to perform or feel good at work.

When I’m unusually quiet at meetings or brainstorming sessions…

It’s because I cannot think and speak at the same time, and I need time to prepare in order to be able to contribute. 

When you ask for my input in front of everybody, without warning…

You are really putting me on the spot, and possibly embarrassing me, because my brain freezes when everyone’s suddenly looking at me.

And when you say you’d rather I work in the office than at home, because “It’s easier to collaborate”…

Know that what you really mean is that it’s easier for you and everyone else, and that you’re asking me to choose between being available and doing my job.


As your introverted employee, (and on behalf of other introverted employees out there), I’d like to ask a few things of you: 

- Understand and respect my needs, and I will be your most loyal and devoted colleague.

- Give me freedom and responsibility, and I will go above and beyond to deliver. 

- Value my expertise and creativity, and you will get all of my best ideas. 

I may not look as active and engaged as my more extroverted colleagues.

But looks are deceiving with introverts. Underneath it all, we are at least as passionate, creative and productive as everyone else. 

We just wish for equal opportunity to show it.

Your introverted employee