Open letter from your introverted friend

Hi, it’s me. Your introverted friend.

She who almost never answers the phone when you call, but who will text you or write you a long email a few minutes later. 

She who pretends not to see you when you happen to get on the same bus, but will have coffee with you for hours and hours a week later. 

She who’s always “coming down with something” when you’re having a party, but then days later invites you over for dinner at her place just the two of you. 

I want to explain a few things to you

When you feel like I’m avoiding you, or have forgotten about you...

It’s really just because all my energy has been drained by a bunch of boring, unimportant stuff, and I’m recharging to be able to spend quality time with you.

When I don’t want to go out for coffee or have lunch downtown...

It just means that I don’t want to risk being squeezed in between two strangers, barely hearing our conversation over all the noise and not being able to catch up before you need to get back to the office. 

When I seem silent and distant when we meet at some party...

Then I’m really frustrated inside, because there’s so much I want to talk to you about but I just don’t have the energy to yell in your ear through the loud music. 

And when I text you last minute to tell you that I can’t come to your birthday party...

It’s because I want you to myself. Because I know we’ll only hug briefly and exchange pleasantries, and then I’ll disappear amongst your other friends who are better at talking and mingling. 

As your introverted friend, (and on behalf of other introverted friends out there), I’d like to ask a few things of you:

If you want to talk to me, about more than just “how’s it going?” and “what do you do nowadays?” - plan at least a week ahead, set aside plenty of time and pick a quiet place. 

Then I promise I’ll be the best listener, the most entertaining company and the most devoted friend you can imagine. 

If you want to get to know me, for real - skip the small talk, tell me an exciting story from your life and pretend we’re already close friends. 

Then I’ll come out of my introvert shell and you’ll have a partner in crime for life.

Don’t call me when you’re bored and need someone to kill time with.

Call on me when you’re upset, sad, anxious or lost. I’ll comfort you and make you laugh.

I can’t be your party pal, gossip buddy or shopping advisor. 

But I can keep your darkest secrets, carry your troubles and always be there when you need me.

With love

- Your introverted friend.