*takes the podium* *nervously clears throat*

Ever had to stand up in front of a crowd and introduce yourself?

That's what it always feels like, writing the mandatory first post in a brand new blog.

Damn it, first posts are difficult. There’s too much I want to say, and too much at stake.

*takes deep breath*

But let’s be honest: this is just a blog. There are many of them out there. Big deal. I think too much. I'm a highly sensitive introvert. We practically live in our heads. Overanalyzing everything. Caring too much about what people might think of us, whether people will like us.

There are many preconceived notions about introverts. That we're shy, socially inept and maybe even a bit weak. It's easy to think of it as a form of handicap. The world is loud and fast and crowded. Extroverted type A personalities always seem to have it easier. 

And there are even more misconceptions about highly sensitive people. And especially highly sensitive creatives. We are basically porcelain unicorns. Not fit for this world.

I was thinking we need a place to call our own. Because like you (wild guess), I've grow tired of stuff. Here are some stuff I'm tired of:

  • Being too fragile to ride in rush hour traffic, and yet putting up with it every day.
  • Craving meaningful social connection but only getting chit-chat and pleasantries.
  • Giving up on my dreams in order to march to the beat of someone else's [insert least favorite genre] music.
  • Getting told to "speak up" or "chill out" or "be realistic".
  • Feeling like an extraterrestrial at parties and networking events.
  • Apologizing for not fitting in and not being able to "suck it up".

Maybe some of these things resonate with you. Maybe you too feel like a porcelain unicorn sometimes. Or at least a little vulnerable and out of your element. Like you don't belong or fit in among "normal people".

And maybe you wish you could be yourself in the world. That you could find some kind of meaning in the madness. That you could stop struggling, apologizing, conforming.

That is what I want, and have been looking for all my life. A way to exist peacefully and meaningfully in the world, without it hurting so goddamn much.

(My name is Louise by the way, if you haven't read my "About me" page yet.)

So here I am, writing this blog, with the purpose of offering others like me some solace, strength and something we in Sweden call "jävlar anamma". (Which roughly translates to "fighting spirit" and is proclaimed when someones has decided to stop taking shit, step up their game and just wing it.)

And here you are. You fabulous, quietly powerful, uniquely fascinating person. I feel honored that you’re reading my blog.

Let’s take over the world together.


From the comfort of our own homes.