The Monday morning overwhelm

I've been longing for Monday this whole weekend. 

Monday is the day of new beginnings and endless possibilities. It’s when you make things happen. So Monday always has some extra shimmer to it for me. Like a magical spell.

So I went to bed early last night, anxiously awaiting my magical Monday morning. 

And Monday morning comes around, and the spell was broken. I was immediately sliding down a mud hole of stress and distractions.

I made the mistake of checking email and social media in bed. I looked at my to do-list and freaked out. I started doing three things at the same time. 

Outside, a snowstorm is howling. Our apartment is cold. I have a cold. My brain is foggy and my nose is runny. The day has barely just begun, and I have already failed it. I just want to curl back into bed and cry.

The importance of having good and bad days

Usually, the way I handle these kinds of days is by giving myself a break and just checking out. Taking the day off to rest and plan to return with full force the next day instead. As a self-employed person, I can do this sometimes. 

But today, I decided on a more brave approach. I wasn't going to let my magical Monday slip away that easily. So I put on the Outlander soundtrack, made myself a huge cup of tea and picked just one important task to get done today. (Writing this blog post.) And that made all the difference. 

As a highly sensitive, I have good days and bad days. Many days, I can handle a big workload with ease, out of pure inspiration and motivation.
But as soon as I start spreading myself too thin, and a bad day comes, the results are immediate. I just collapse. 

I can’t expect myself to consistently deliver at one hundred percent capacity. I’m not a machine. You aren’t either. You are entitled to good days and bad days. 

So if your Monday overwhelm is as bad as mine: take a deep breath. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get much done today. Make yourself as comfortable as you can, pick just one thing to focus on and relax into that task. 

Giving ourselves permission to not always be on top of our game is what prevents us from burning out. And allowing ourselves to focus deep on just one thing is what brings out the best of us.

What do you do when the Monday morning angst hits? =)